Architectural Aluminium Powder coaters are able to apply to become a Dulux Registered Applicator. The Registered Applicator network was set up to manage the application of warrantable architectural grade powders, to ensure that correct procedure is followed and the resultant coatings comply with their appropriate AAMA specification (AAMA 2603:1998, AAMA 2604:1998, AAMA2605:1998.)

Each warrantable Architectural grade powder has its own comprehensive applicators manual detailing exact procedure from preparation, through application, documentation and testing. The registered applicators are subjected to regular audits, to confirm continued compliance to procedure and as a result of the audits the applicator is re-certified or in the case of non-compliance, is issued with actions designed to correct the non-compliance.

Only Dulux Registered Applicators are able to issues warranties for these architectural grade powder

Certified Dulux powder coating

As the only certified Dulux powder coating service in the top of the south, we deliver a sense of quality and perfection you’re not going to find anywhere else. Boasting high quality, certified Dulux powder in over 300 colours, we can perform fantastic powder coating jobs to perfection, on any kind of material: from aluminium, steel or even brass.

Our Dulux powder is seamless and especially designed to create a perfect coat the first time round, with no divots, bumps or scratches. Hard wearing and durable, our powder will last the test of time, delivering vibrant and bright colours for years after the powder was applied. Want to know more about our diverse range of Dulux powders? Call the team today!

Reliable and professional

Our professional team of powder coating experts are dedicated to performing incredibly efficient and reliable powder coating services. We create seamless, gorgeous powder jobs: designed to last the lifetime of the material, without fading or stripping.

Reliable and professional, our team will get your job done fast, with a three day turn around on all orders.

We can pick up and drop off your freshly powder coated item right to your door, providing a premium in-house delivery service to Town, Stoke & Richmond,. If we can’t deliver it, we can ship it right to your door, anywhere in New Zealand. 
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