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 Specialising In Architectural 
Powder Coating

Dean & Renae have experienced applicators specialising in getting that perfect quality finish.

N.P.C has a very strong quality control process in place, which means that nothing leaves our factory without passing vigorous inspections.

Being Dulux & Qnet registered applicators means that Dulux regularly audit the factory to ensure all correct procedures are in place and being followed, which benefits you, the customer, by having their powders covered under a Dulux warranty.

N.P.C is the only factory in the top of the south that can offer you this guarantee.                                                    (click link below)
Industrial Applicators
 Machinery, trailers, tools you name it - we can do it. We do all sand blasting in house to ensure all quality aspects are followed. We can also now apply the range of NEW Kulorthene Thermoplastic coatings. 
(read more on Kulorthene range in the link below)
From restorations to commercial vehicles, wheels and new or old parts, we produce a very high quality finish from our stocked 360 Durable powder colours.
We have extensive knowledge in powdering a large range of motorbike frames, wheels and other parts.
We have a 600 degree heatproof powder for engine and pipe components,  AND the factory Harley Davidson Black Watered Silk texture finish.

Sea salt spec powder coating 
marine conditions.

We have a 5 stage pre-treatment system for treating aluminium for jobs that will reside by the sea. This means we are able to give it anti-corrosion protection even before we powder coat it. The powder that is then used is specifically designed to withstand tough marine environments. We stock a large range of the Duratec powders on site, which you can read more about here:

Does your bike need a fresh coat of powder?

From the intricate and delicate mechanicals to frames and wheels leave it to our professional team to create the perfect powder coating solution for you and your bike. Dedicated and reliable, our team will apply a quality  powder coated finish.

We strip and glass blast here at our one stop shop!
black bmx bike powder coated

Furniture powder coating

 Ever wonder how those ornate cast iron benches, metal chairs and tables get their seamless, smooth and ingrained finish, with powder that seamlessly intertwines with the material? Want your outdoor or indoor furniture to have that same, perfect faultless finish?

Please call our team today: our professional crew of furniture powder coat experts will spray your pieces of furniture to perfection.

We use high powered and high capacity powder coating technology to complete our wide range of powder coating services, designed to leave a firm and perfect finish.

See how great your furniture will look after we have had a go over with it, when you call the team at Nelson Powder Coaters today! 

What can we do?

How can we help you? If you have any kind of furniture that you need professionally powder coated, have a chat to us today.
We can work on: 
  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Fencing
  • Window Extrusion
  • Door Frames
We can also work on a wide range of materials: from brass, steel and iron; anything that won’t melt in our powerful 200 degree oven! If you’re unsure about anything or want to ask us a question about our extensive services, just call our team: we’re more than happy to help! 

Durable Dulux for outdoor and indoor use

Utilising tough and durable Dulux powder, our professional and highly trained team will make the perfect powder job on your furniture. Able to withstand years of abuse, heat, rain and cold, Dulux powder is perfect for both indoors and outdoors use, designed to be able to withstand heavy rain and heat all in the same day, while still looking great for years to come. 

Explore our range of services today: call 03 548 8613.

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